Mornington Peninsula Architectural Builder

HAYNES BUILD is a leading Mornington Peninsula architectural builder, and we believe that reputation is everything and takes precedence in the building industry. Our excellent building reputation had led us to develop a word of mouth client base.
Our objectives are to provide the highest standard of customer service for the client and architect from the design process, contracts, documentation and permit applications. Right through to construction and leaving the client and architect with a high-quality finished product.

Working Together on Your Architectural Build

No construction process was ever completed without a solid team effort. At HAYNES BUILD we understand the importance of bringing together the client and architect, the builder and sub-contractors who all have their specialist input, which guarantees the project is delivered to a high standard from start to finish.


Cameron Haynes has 19 years’ experience in the construction industry, and has built outstanding relationships with trade creditors, sub-contractors and industry professionals. These relationships continue to grow and further cement HAYNES BUILD’S reputation as a high-quality architectural builder on the Mornington Peninsula.